Sahaja Yoga Online Meditations - Welcome
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About Sahaja Yoga
Sahaja Yoga is practiced in over a hundred countries. However, many practitioners are far away from Sahaja Yoga centers or even other practitioners. Collective meditation is at the center of growth in Sahaja Yoga. Typically, this experience is provided by the local group of yogis. Starting in the mid-2000s with myriad technologies, online meditations are now used by small and large collectives to reach out to those who wish to participate. Read the brief history of online meditations in the About section of this website.

How Do I Attend?
The footer of this website lists a directory of meditations. Some hosted here, some elsewhere.

How Do I Lead an Online Meditation?
This website is one of the first, but certainly not the only place, for participating in online collective experiences. Furthermore, if you are motivated to start your own meditation, there are resources to get you started in the "Create Your Own" section

What if I need help?
Online meditations offered by various collectives have developed their own support methods, email groups and calendars. We will try to direct you to those pages when possible. Some online meditation leads have approached the webmaster to host their meditation here. We have created pages & posted individual info there. If you wish to receive general information & updates, we encourage you to sign up for our google group by clicking on the image on the right.

I have some thoughts to share, who do I email about this website? 
Contact us via the form here or email us directly at live <at> sahajayogaonline <dot> com