Your Support

The source of the online meditations are Shri Mataji's talks and advices. Shri Mataji's vision drives the ones who conduct these meditations. If you have benefitted, and would like to pay it forward, you may donate to your favorite Sahaja Yoga cause, NGO or charity. We do not accept donations on this website.

Here are some options. If you know more, let us know and we might add them in there.

Tape Preservation

Live meditations, all learning materials on the web and our understanding of Sahaja knowledge is powered by Mother's talks. The tape preservation project in Europe is an endeavor that requires money to complete the high quality archival of 3000+ talks of Shri Mataji. If you would like to contribute, please go to the World Foundation Donation page and select Tape Preservation in the dropdown list to make an online donation.

This Website

The SYOL network (live.sahajayogaonline, etc.) is a personal endeavor is open to volunteer time donations for the archival and maintenance of live meditation related activities. To chip in with your time, please write to admin [at]

Some Other Projects

Canajoharie Sahaja School